Hello there.

My name’s Amanda Wise Pizzollo, but I usually go by Manda due to the ridiculous number of Amandas around when I was growing up. (okay, only 2 others but when 3 of you are named Amanda in a group of 4 best friends you adjust a bit as needed so that you are not forever called Amanda #2). I use she/her/ella pronouns. 

I’m currently the Bicentennial Metadata Librarian at Amherst College, and I’m also a Substitute Library Assistant at Pelham Public Library. I was a nurse for 9 years prior to transitioning into librarianship. I loved being a nurse, but it was time for a change, and I am so happy to now be a librarian.

I am passionate about discovery, information literacy, learning, all things open (access, data, and education), science, healthcare, critical pedagogy, and metadata. If I could draw little hearts around the word metadata I would do so every time I type it. I even wrote a really bad poem about metadata. I don’t love organization for organization’s sake of course, but I do love people being able to find and use stuff.

Enough of my blathering, eh? Below you’ll find links to pages highlighting examples of some of my professional skills. 

You can also see examples of my MODS metadata creation by viewing a collection I’ve worked on in Amherst College Digital Collections, or see examples of Dublin Core metadata records I’ve created or quality controlled in the Thomas Barton Papers.

The header image used on this site is a public domain, unattributed drawing from the back cover of Amherst Writing, Volume 37, Number 1 published in 1922.