My Digital Libraries class worked together to create a digital library with a solitary collection, the Thomas Barton Papers. I was the leader of the Metadata and Environmental Scan teams for our project. A link to our site is included below, and our Metadata Guidelines and Environmental Scan white paper can be found in Writing & Research.

Thomas Barton Papers website

I have used Twine to create a virtual tour of SLIS West while working as the SLIS West Office Assistant. Twine is a very fun program to use. I presented on it in a lightening talk at Code4Lib New England. 


Twine is great for creating Choose Your Own Adventure type games, a fact I utilized in my User Instruction class to create this game on plagiarism:


This is a pathfinder for the 6th-8th grade patron population looking for resources on the Holocaust. I created it for the Sunderland Public Library and my LIS 483 (YA Collection Development) course in Spring 2016.

There is an website dedicated to this purpose as well. The Sunderland Public Library now uses it. Check the online pathfinder with this link.


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