Writing & Research

For the 2016 academic year, I wrote for the Simmons SLIS Student blog. You can check out my posts here:


Examples of my writing can be seen in the Metadata Guidelines below which I wrote as Metadata Team Leader of a Digital Libraries course and the Environmental Scan white paper which I co-wrote with a partner for the same course.

For an example of my academic writing, click the link below. This is a paper I completed for my LIS Foundations course. I also presented on the topic at the Simmons DERAIL Forum. To access a recording of the presentation visit my Recorded Appearances section here. (note: recording coming soon, awaiting completed processing). To access the handouts I used for the presentation visit my Educational Materials section here.

Serving Refugees in the Public Library Setting


Nursing research on cultural competency

Nursing research on cultural competency


As a nursing honors student in my undergraduate program, I completed research within a team regarding culturally competent care. For more details, click on the research poster to the right.





For examples of newspaper articles I’ve written, please click the below links. The first link will redirect you to the Parent Express, a publication of Keene, NH. The second link opens a digitized version of the original printed article.

WIC Program Changing in Windham County             Breastfeeding and Work